Topic 1: All learners can and should be successful in our schools

The first school turnaround principle forms the foundation of our methodology, which is that all learners can and should be successful. This is despite all the justification we have built up over years of apartheid indoctrination and education, why certain learners can’t be success. This principle is part of our core belief, and the research is backing up our belief, let along our spiritual belief that the Creator will never create a human being to be a failure. 

So, we argue that all learners can learn, but not the same day and not in the same way. It is therefore the responsibility of teachers to constantly look for what works with each child in their class, and to accept no excuses and no failures. Teachers and schools must assist all learners to find their strengths and build on them, while strengthening them in their areas of challenges. This therefore highlights the importance of ‘personalised learning’ rather than ‘crowd learning’ (future topic), as well as seeing teaching as ‘offerings to learn’ rather than ‘throwing topics to learners’ to catch (future topic).

We want to ensure that all learners achieve quality education that will challenge, inspire and prepare them for a better future, especially those learners who come from poor and disadvantages communities and who at-risk almost every minute, hour and day of their lives. We therefore don’t compare learners with other learners but rather, encourage them to compete against their own dreams, targets and previous performance levels, in order to make them better, and the best they could be. We need to be relentless in our pursuit to ensure that we do everything in our power to help schools to make a difference in the lives of their learners.

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