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What we do and how we work

School Turnaround is not about  ‘improving schools’, but rather to develop “EXCELLENT SCHOOLS BY DESIGN”, where all learners are stretched and supported to be successful, in order to realise their ‘dreams’ beyond schooling.  It means that we do things DIFFERENTLY so that we move beyond the high dropout rate, the mediocre learner outcomes, our high unemployment and our despair. This is achieved by facilitating deep change on an individual level and system change on an organisational level.

An example of this is our focus on developing a personalised target for each learner based on their current performance and their potential to improve. Teachers derive their class targets from individual targets and facilitate learning and teaching according to the needs and risk analysis of each learner. Teachers are supported in a range of ways such as better planning, provision of lesson plans, access to teaching resources, coaching and training. Principals and management are supported around curriculum management eg. ensuring that every minute is optimally utilised.