Topic 4: Steps in identifying the Targets in the school

The senior leadership (SLT) and management teams (SMT) must analyse the promotion schedules of all the class groups in order to identify the average performance of each subject grade class groups as well as individual learners. After analysing the data, the following steps are followed:

  1. Agreeing on an Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) for the schools
    The SLT and SMT have agreed on the suggested AYP target of 5%, meaning that all the performance expectations of all learners will be raised by 5%, as long as the expectations are not below 40%.
  2. AYP and target setting for individual learners
    The individual performance of learners during the final examination of the previous year as reflected on the promotion schedule, will be increased with an minimum of 5% as indicated in step one.
  3. AYP and target setting for class teachers related to class groups
    All class groups will be allocated a class teacher that will manage the administrative responsibilities related to a class group. The class teacher will average the total performance expectation of learners in all subjects.
  4. AYP and target setting for subject teachers in every grade
    The teachers will take all the subject expectations per learner in a specific class group for whom they are responsible and generate the average subject expectation per class group. The average performance expectation will be more than 40%.
  5. AYP and target setting for every subject in the school
    Heads of departments (HoDs) will take all the subject expectations per class group in a particular grade and generate the average expected performance per specific grade.
  6. AYP and target setting for the school
    Given the average performance per learner and class group, as well as the performance per subject per learner and class group, the SLT and SMT can now work on the target performance for the school. This expectation is derived from the individual performance learners, subjects and class groups.

As indicated in step 1, the suggested AYP of 5% should be the starting point for all school during the implementation of this concept. As schools continue to understand target setting more clearly in relation to their own school performance, it is possible for principals to vary these targets from 1%-5% for different grades, as well as different subjects. It is however advisable not to move the ‘school target setting’ beyond 5% per annum, even if individual learners want to set their own target higher than 5%.

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