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Topic 29: Diagnostic domain 2: Instruction – Teaching and Learning?

This domain covers the Area of (i) Teaching and Learning Planning i.e. appropriate content, considering learner needs, integration and use of technology, individual support, and improvement of targets, and (ii) Learning Facilitation i.e. curriculum completion, technological support for learners, in-depth coverage of curriculum over 170 days, encouraging heutagogy and peergogy, and from interaction to engagement.

In our methodology we utilise the following diagnostic tools:

  • Use electronic resources extensively due to effect cost saving, and because it is an easy way to share promising practices on sites such as, etc.;
  • Detailed analysis of the Learner information will assist in identifying the academic needs of learners, and how need to be supported;
  • SiSopen will be utilised to ensure ‘second chance opportunity’ and real-time sharing of data with all relevant role-players. Learners will have access to Sisopen through their cellular phones;
  • Each learner will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), to support the specific needs of the learner;
  • The ‘learner dreams’ enable learners to stretch themselves by 5% to achieve their targets related to career path;
  • Teachers record their completion of lessons on a daily basis, and the system will update the outstanding work still to be covered, and this will be cross reference with workbooks of learners by the HoDs;
  • SiSopen will act as a ‘teacher assistant’ to guide and support learners with their classwork and homework;
  • The honouring and protecting of the 170 days for teaching and learning is a high priority;
  • Teachers will encourage high performing and gifted learners to engage in self-development studies and peer groups;
  • The self-development studies and peer groups are intended to develop higher order thinking from interaction to engagement;

The above-mentioned tools are accessible through SiSopen, and will be aligned to the appropriate level of the user in order to ensure greater efficiency, and effectiveness and the elimination of duplication of work. Even though the admin burden will be reduced in most schools, it is important to note that small schools, with limited staff, teachers will have to do some of the HoD work.

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