Topic 24: Awareness is the first step to Owning the Change

Our intention from the first topic onwards has been to, champion doing things differently and argue for ‘flipping’ the way we do things in education and schools. To achieve this we will now focus on our 5 successful change steps that will give you tools to realise meaningful change. Most change agents in education projects [...]

Topic 25: Rebuilding a vision of learner achievement and success, and high expectation in all of our schools

The second step in our successful change process is vision. Now that we think differently about our own ability and responsibility in the school, and our new belief that all learners can and should be successful (topic 1), we have to craft a new vision. A vision is often defined as “as state of being [...]

Topic 26: The building blocks of a strong school: A Vision of Excellence

A vision is at best a statement of intention … what we want to achieve. However, in order to realise and make this vision a reality, it is important to unpack it in its clearest form possible. One of the key principles of our methodology is that “all learners were created to be successful in [...]

Topic 27: What are the appropriate diagnostic tools to let us ‘see what we don’t want to see’ ?

"Diagnosis’ normally refers to the need “to recognise various signs and symptoms". This is especially relevant to current situations in our underperforming schools. To turn around most of our schools, we have to ‘identify the disease’ in our schools, and to get rid of it. If we are committed to changing those things we aware [...]

Topic 28: Diagnostic Domain 1: Teaching for Learning ?

This domain covers the Area of (i) Curriculum i.e. curriculum alignment, and curriculum provisions, (ii) Instruction i.e. instructional planning, and learning facilitation, and (iii) Assessment i.e. learner assessment, and communicate results. For the sake of this discussion, we will only cover one of the Indicators of Focus ‘learning facilitation’, by highlighting “(18) Teaching is planned [...]

Our public school system can and must be turned around…

I took this photograph at a deep rural school in Limpopo early in 2015. It haunts me because it captures the sad state of 80% of our schools and the plight of 11 million of our youth. They are trapped and 21 years into the new South Africa not much has changed. They wait in [...]

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