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Our SCHOOL TURNAROUND FOUNDATION has been appointed as OPERATING PARTNER in the Collaboration Project. Here is an article that captures Jonathan Jansen's sentiments :  What if you cannot fix a school? If that school is so dysfunctional that one after another intervention has failed to “turn around” pupils’ performance? If the unionised teachers remain defiant [...]

Our Cape Winelands Education District Project

The Cape Winelands Education District has embraced our TURNAROUND METHODOLOGY towards significantly  improving literacy, numeracy and learner outcomes in all schools in  their district. To this end we conducted a series of workshops since last year with district officials (Circuit managers, Curriculum Specialists, Learner Welfare Specialists and Corporate staff). We have also trained Heads [...]

Topic 31: Diagnostic domain 4: Instructional Leadership

This domain covers the Area of (i) School Environment i.e. assessment expectations, multiple types of sources of data, different developmental stages to support learners, adult learning theory in staff engagement and champions of improved learner results, and (ii) High Expectations i.e. regular monitoring, facilitating best practice, evaluating the work of staff, communicating expectations, and providing [...]

Topic 30: Diagnostic domain 3: Assessment

This domain covers the Area of (i) Learner Assessment i.e. ensuring validity, covering all levels of Bloom’s learning, using different instruments for consistency, reflecting on learner competency, and tracking progress over 5 year period, and (ii) Communicate Results i.e. informative on-time reporting, improving teaching delivery, improve future teaching and learning, formative assessment used to inform [...]

Topic 29: Diagnostic domain 2: Instruction – Teaching and Learning?

This domain covers the Area of (i) Teaching and Learning Planning i.e. appropriate content, considering learner needs, integration and use of technology, individual support, and improvement of targets, and (ii) Learning Facilitation i.e. curriculum completion, technological support for learners, in-depth coverage of curriculum over 170 days, encouraging heutagogy and peergogy, and from interaction to engagement. [...]

Topic 18: Protect the 170 days of Teaching and Learning in your school (180 days for grade 3, and 190 days for grade R-2 learners in Foundation Phase)

If you had to take your child to a secondary school to start with grade 8, and ask the principals the following question: How many days would my son/daughter be taught (including facilitation of learning, and formative assessment, but exclude the examination days and any other formal ‘non-teaching’ days) for the year? Most, if not [...]

What does it mean to turnaround schools ?

School Turnaround is not 'improving schools', but rather to make them 'learning institutions', where all learners are honoured to be successful, at the level they need to perform in order to realise their 'dreams' beyond schooling. It means that we move beyond doing more of what we are currently doing ....better.  It means that we [...]

Topic 1: All learners can and should be successful in our schools

The first school turnaround principle forms the foundation of our methodology, which is that all learners can and should be successful. This is despite all the justification we have built up over years of apartheid indoctrination and education, why certain learners can’t be success. This principle is part of our core belief, and the research [...]

Topic 2: Teaching towards the Learner’s Dreams

Every activity in life starts with a purpose/intention, and some of these have short turnaround time, while others are more long term. The activity of schooling, and more appropriately called education, has two types of purposes, namely (i) a more general intention where the country/government wants to ensure that their citizens are prepared (made ready) [...]

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