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Who we are

Our School Turn-around Foundation has developed a turn-around methodology to address this severe crisis in education from cradle to career to citizenship. This methodology has shown great promise in a number of provinces towards nurturing excellence in terms of school functionality and improving learner outcomes. It is very different from traditional school improvement strategies in that it challenges schools to think and act very differently in terms of realising the “dreams” of every learner so that target setting becomes meaningful.

Our Turnaround methodology champions the following:

  • Failure is not an option in the school – 100% Success is the motto;
  • Success of individual learners is a priority;
  • Early warning signs to identify and support learners;
  • High performance is expected from all learners, and hard work is seen as the solution;
  • Problems are seen as solution opportunities
  • ’Facilitation of learning’ is seen as the connector between teachers and learners – therefore relationship building is crucial;

Please email me if you would like to know more at: Eugene Daniels

You can find more information on our methodology on Dr Muavia Gallie’s website:  www.movingup.co.za

Collaboration Project involving Zwelethemba High.